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Sunday School
Sunday School Schedule
Sunday School Staff
Youth Group
Many Things to Learn & Participate in at Youth Sunday School at Friedens Church of Christ in Troy, IL

Friedens KIDZ  
Where Kidz Become BFFs
Being Faithful Friends at Friedens
Pre K - Kindergarten Class
Children Learning in Pre-K & Kindergarten Class at Friedens United Church of Christ in Troy, IL
Hands On Bible Curriculum
~ Preschoolers blow a pinwheel to discover that it's God’s spirit that gives them all they need to grow in their faith. 
Fun gizmos and hands-on learning help drive home the Bible Point!  
We use unique games, snacks and crafts to help kids learn about God, because kids retain more by interacting with a lesson instead of just hearing it. Jesus used everyday things to teach important truths. Discovering the Bible at Friedens is fun, hands-on experience that gets kids excited about coming to Sunday school.   

1st Grade – 6th 
Kids, God wants to build something awesome with your life!  

7th and 8th grades
This is our Confirmation Class

High School
This class will meet on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month. Classroom is on the lower level, last room on the left of the educational wing; Teachers- Sean & Jamie Smith, & Aaron Jaconis. Come see what’s new!

Class for men and women:
This class meets in the conference room at 9:00 a.m. We discuss current topics. Come join the conversations! Grab a mug and have a cup of coffee. Enjoy the morning with us. Everyone is welcome!
Sisters In Spirit
Sisters in Spirit meet for special events and outing throughout the year.  Some of the things this group has done include: going to the theater, going out to dinner, craft events and educational events both at the church and outside the church.