Friedens UCC Troy

Facility Rental

 Fellowship Hall Rental 

Our building is available for the community to use.  Our building is currently used for Narcotics Anonymous, TOPS, and Girls Scouts.

Hall Rental

Costs are listed below.  Additional charges if you wish to use the dishwasher and stove.  A deposit is required to secure the hall. The deposit will be returned if the hall is left in acceptable condition. Contact the office for available dates and additional information.

    Use of Fellowship Hall and Fees

    Note: Member funeral dinner & non-profit organizations such as a Friedens Church organization, Scouting organizations, Red Cross, etc. $0 Fee

    Active Members
    Without Kitchen $75 Fee
    With Kitchen $150 Fee
    Without Kitchen $200
    With Kitchen (stove, dishwasher, etc.) $350
    Custodian $75
    Note: A church member must be present when kitchen is being used and $25 of the fee paid to the member present.
    Kitchen Only
    Members $100
    Note: Only members will be allowed to use kitchen.


    A deposit of $100.00 is due upon signing Lease Agreement and will be refunded within seven days after event and upon compliance with the terms of the lease:

    Rental Charge

    The Rental Charge is due within 1 week of event and does not include the deposit.


    Lessee agrees to furnish tables and chairs.  They are to be set up by the Lessor and shall be returned to their storage/original location upon completion of the event.


    Lessor agrees to cause Lessee’s property real and personal to be kept clean, except for general janitorial service supplied by Lessee personnel. Lessor shall be liable for any damage to the Lessees property, which Lessor or its guests causes or suffers to occur during its occupation hereunder. Lessor assumes full responsibility for all acts of its employees, patrons or guests and shall have sufficient security to maintain order and protect persons and property. Any damage amounts shall be immediately due and payable.  Lessor agrees to return the Fellowship Hall to its original condition including, but not limited to, cleaning up all paper, trash, etc. which shall be bagged and taken to the dumpster.  Lessor shall sweep the floor, wash all dishes and return them to their original location, wipe down the tables and chairs and return all tables and chairs to their storage location upon completion for the event. If the kitchen is used it shall be cleaned and mopped and left in the same condition found by the Lessor.  No alcohol is to be located or consumed on the premises.


    This Lessor may not assign any rights under this Lease.

    Release and Indemnification

    Lessor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lessee for any damages to either physical or personal property or personal injury to Lessor or its guests.

    Set Up and Tear Down

    You may set up at any time the day of the event assuming there are no other functions in the Hall and must complete tear down and clean up the same day as the event.