Sunday School


We’re excited to start the Sunday School year off with a new curriculum! GO!

Yes, that’s right. The name of the curriculum is GO!


GO! takes kids through the entire Bible once a year, but it uses different stories each time around. Kids continually get the big picture of scripture, but without unnecessary repetition. And unlike other chronological curriculum, the GO! scope and sequence lines up with the Christian calendar.
Simply put, each GO! lesson is designed to be an interactive experience that transforms kids' minds, hands and hearts.
GO! Sunday School Curriculum
GO! takes kids chronologically through the Bible so they can know how each story fits together to tell the Big Bible Story of God's love and redemption. More than that, GO! places God at the center of each story.

GO! Sunday School Curriculum
Our faith in God should be a living and active faith, one that affects how we interact with the world around us. For this reason, GO! lessons are designed to help kids apply their faith in everyday situations.

GO! Sunday School Curriculum
God wants more than just our minds and hands, He wants our hearts, too! Every GO! lesson gives kids an opportunity to respond to God through prayer, Bible reading, drawing, or writing.

  • CHRONOLOGICAL GO! takes kids through the Bible chronologically every year and helps kids see how they too can be a part of God's story.
  • GOSPEL CENTERED GO! regularly presents the Good News of Jesus and gives kids an opportunity to respond by becoming faith-filled followers of Christ.
  • GOD FOCUSED GO! shows kids how God is at the center of every story in Scripture and helps them understand the character and nature of God. GO! teaches Biblical truth with real world application. But more than that, it gives direction and space to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • FILLED WITH FUN GO! is tons of fun! We don't want parents to drag their kids to church. We want kids to break our doors down. Metaphorically of course.

PreK - K

Preschool! 3 year old’s through Kindergarten
Meets in the theater for an opening, last door on the right in the lower level of the educational wing. After opening, the Pre-K & Kindergarten will travel to the upper level of the educational wing to their classroom. Children in Pre-K & Kindergarten will need to be picked up by a parent or other prearranged adult at 10:00 a.m.; fourth door on the left, next to the Nursery.

Tippy's Mouse House

Welcome to Tippy’s Mouse House! Just as mice are prone to do, Tippy has tiptoed into the preschool room and scurried off with the Bible story pictures. Together, the preschoolers get to peek into Tippy’s Mouse House and search for the pictures amongst all the other doodads Tippy has collected. It’s a super sweet search that culminates in the discovery of God’s provision and perfect love.

1st - 6th

Elementary Grades 1st through 6th
Meets in the 2nd door on the left on the lower level of the educational wing for their class. Children in 1st – 6th will also need a parent to pick them up unless other arrangements are made with their teacher.


What kid doesn’t love hamming it up in front of a camera from time to time? During the “Snapshot” series, kids will be encouraged to do just that. By striking different fun and creative poses throughout the lessons, kids will help tell the stories of the Israelite's journey through the wilderness and into the Promised Land. More than that, kids will get an unforgettable snapshot of God’s enduring love and faithfulness through the deserts of life.


7th and 8th grades
Confirmation class meets in the Confirmation classroom. Lower level, 1st door to your left entering the educational wing from Fellowship Hall.

Sr. High School
This class will meet on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month. Classroom is on the lower level, last room on the left of the educational wing; Teachers- Sean & Jamie Smith, & Aaron Jaconis. Come see what’s new!


SIS: Sisters In Spirit:

Women meet for special events and outings throughout the year.  Some of the things this group has done include: going to the theater, going out to dinner, craft events and educational events.

Friedens Pew Sisters
Meets in the blast area each Sunday at 9:00 am! Join in the fun and bring along a friend.  Let’s start each Sunday with our Friedens sisters!

Mixed Adult Class
This class meets in the conference room, 1st door on the right of the upper level of the educational wing, at 9:00 a.m. This is a discussion class on current topics. Come join the conversations! Grab a mug and have a cup of coffee. Enjoy the morning with us!

Twelve More Women of the Bible
Twelve More Women of the Bible
In this 12-session video Bible study, some of today’s best-loved authors and speakers look at the spiritual lessons learned from twelve biblical women and what they mean for women today.


CE Board 2019/2020
Stephanie Williams (Director)
Sandi Zipprich (chair)
Stephanie Zipprich
Georgia Wilkins
Debbie Byrd
Heidi Eichenseer
Wendy Meadows
Nicole Richardson
Nursery Attendant Pam Hildenbrand
Friedens kidz Leaders Stephanie Williams
Jane Maedge
Pre School Jenny Ruger
Pam Hildenbrand
Debbie Byrd
1st - 3rd Grade Mandy Corey
Nicole Richardson
Tracey Berkemeier (Sub)
4th – 6th   Grade Pat Ruger
Matt Zipprich
Confirmation Pastor
Adult Class Julie Loehring
Pew Sisters Sandi Zipprich
Debbie Brendel